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The college was conceived in 2010/11 session. It offers courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) at undergraduate level. It is a five-year programme for students entering at 100 Level, and four years for Direct Entry students. All courses run on a common foundation of basic studies in mathematics, basic sciences, engineering sciences and General Studies. Opportunities are also provided for students to take approved courses from other disciplines such that the prospective Engineer becomes a well-rounded person at graduation.

The mode of teaching includes lectures, tutorials, laboratory and workshop practices. Teaching method in ABUAD is designed to meet the 21st century pedagogic delivery in very conducive, well-furnished, air-conditioned classrooms and lecture theatres. It is referred to as the ABUAD System, which consists of the use of interactive electronic platforms, with Power Point presentation as opposed to the traditional “chalk and talk” method. Library facilities are available in form of traditional physical library stocked with up-to-date books and journals, as well as the e-library with hundreds of networked computer systems, for students and staff.


The degree programmes in Engineering normally last five post Senior Secondary School Certificate or four years post GCE A/L or equivalent for full time students. The maximum period of study for the Bachelor honours degrees is seven years.

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